Pipe And Drape Photo Booth Enclosure Kits


Pipe and Drape Photo Booth Enclosure Kits are an inexpensive and creative way to spice up your next event.


Our standard pipe and drape photo booth enclosure kits come complete with four bases, four uprights, four drape supports and your choice of drapes. Premium Photo Booth Drape options are also available. The wide variety of color options of drapes allow for easy transformation of your photo booth enclosure from one event to the next. These photo booth kits are light weight and easy to transport and cost effective.[/karma_builder_heading]


Pipe And Drape Photo Booth Enclosure Kit

Fixed Height Photo Booth Kits

10 Foot Tall Pipe And Drape Photobooth Kits

Pipe And Drape Photo Booth Enclosure Kit

Adjustable Height Photobooth Kits

 Adjustable Height Pipe And Drape Photobooth Kits

Why use pipe and drape kit for a photo booth enclosure?

Pipe and drape is the perfect choice for a portable photobooth kit. Photobooth enclosures that are constructed with pipes and drapes offer so many benefits including but not limited to; easy to install and dismantle, easy to customize to a particular clients event, very inexpensive to replace and or repair. Using velour drapes for your pipe and drape photo booth enclosure add an element of sophistication and class to any event. If you are looking for an open concept photo booth, check out our pipe and drape backwall kits. These back wall kits are a great way to a quick photo backdrop to any event indoor or out.

How to install a pipe and drape photo booth kit?

Photobooth kits made from pipe and drape and extremely simple to install. You start off by installing the nipple onto the base plate. Then you would take your drapes and slide your crossbar through making sure you get all your drapes on before installing them onto the uprights. Now you slide your upright onto the nipple you previously installed. Once you have your uprights freestanding you can place the hook of the drape support into the slot of the upright. Repeat this process until your pipe and drape photobooth system is complete. Tear down is the process in reverse.

Are the pipe and drape photobooth enclosures fire retardent?

Our photobooths are fire retardant.The main concern would be the drapery. Whether you are purchasing a pipe and drape kit from us or not, you want to make sure that you are aware of the quality of the product you are purchasing. This will help you to avoid legal and embarrassing situations that might arise. While it is rare for a Fire Marshall to inspect your photobooth, it does happen. We can provide documentation that will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

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